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In our world, everything is connected. Plants, animals, people, weather, water, soil—all are part of a delicate balance. Living things can change their environments—and through a process called adaptation, environments can even change living things! With a visit to, discover amazing environments from the familiar to the fantastic, and find out how the physical and living worlds affect--and in some ways, define—each other. Investigate the gallery's eight Zones, each of which explores a different ecological principle.

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Peer into some of the world's harshest environments—deserts, poles, the rocky shore and deep-sea vents—and see how life adapts to survive.

Explore the kelp forest to learn about the wide variety of life forms in an ecosystem, where the diversity comes from, and why it's important.

Get splashed and sandy while you investigate the ways flowing fluids carry energy and materials from place to place.

Find out how isolation reveals the processes of evolution and adaptation.

See how rotting animals and plants help make the soil ready to support new life.

Discover the ways living and physical ecosystems interact on a global scale, and find out how Earth itself is one huge ecosystem.

Learn about the challenges faced by urban ecosystems when it comes to water, waste, energy and wildlife.

Explore how our homes are habitats, providing us—as well as pets and pests—with food, water and shelter.

Learn about the Science Center's efforts to restore kelp forests off our coast.

© Laurel Bartels

Join people from across the region—virtually—aswe do science around Southern California! Help us count kelp, spot squirrels, or document animals and plants in your area. All you need is a camera, an internet connection, and a desire for data.

Learn about Dr. Chuck Kopczak's collection trip to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Single-use plastics like straws and cup lids often end up in our ocean, lakes and rivers. You can make a BIG difference by making small changes. Help us keep fish safe and waters clean. Easy SpiritAilene Fxt4ObXX

Skip the straw!

Check out the Seafood Watch Cafe on the first floor of Ecosystems and learn how you can make choices for healthy oceans. And for more information, please visit the Seafood Watch website .

California Science Center
| directions | Nike SBPortmore II Ultralight pCQro

10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. General admission is free !

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by Rick Anderson


This document is part of the Marc Fisher Barbora Espadrille Womens J9ZMSZrX
tutorial. Final Source for tutorial located on GitHub

In this section, you'll create a new MoviesController class and write code that retrieves the movie data and displays it in the browser using a view template.

Build the application before going on to the next step. If you don't build the application, you'll get an error adding a controller.

Build the application

In Solution Explorer, right-click the Controllers folder and then click Add , then Controller .


In the Add Scaffold dialog box, click MVC 5 Controller with views, using Entity Framework , and then click Add .

Add Scaffold MVC 5 Controller with views, using Entity Framework

Select Movie (MvcMovie.Models) for the Model class.

Movie (MvcMovie.Models)

Select MovieDBContext (MvcMovie.Models) for the Data context class.

MovieDBContext (MvcMovie.Models)

For the Controller name enter MoviesController .


The image below shows the completed dialog.

Click Add . (If you get an error, you probably didn't build the application before starting adding the controller.) Visual Studio creates the following files and folders:

Visual Studio automatically created the (create, read, update, and delete) action methods and views for you (the automatic creation of CRUD action methods and views is known as scaffolding). You now have a fully functional web application that lets you create, list, edit, and delete movie entries.

Run the application and click on the MVC Movie link (or browse to the Movies controller by appending /Movies to the URL in the address bar of your browser). Because the application is relying on the default routing (defined in the App_Start\RouteConfig.cs file), the browser request http://localhost:xxxxx/Movies is routed to the default Index action method of the Movies controller. In other words, the browser request http://localhost:xxxxx/Movies is effectively the same as the browser request http://localhost:xxxxx/Movies/Index . The result is an empty list of movies, because you haven't added any yet.

MVC Movie

Creating a Movie

Select the Create New link. Enter some details about a movie and then click the Create button.

Create New Create
DH Vancouver Staff Jul 05, 2018 9:18 am 29,429
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Ryker Gamble, Parker Heuser, and Alexey Lyakh in 2016. Gamble and Lykah are two of the victims. (High on Life/Instagram)

They were watched by millions globally, admired by their local community, and now a Vancouver couple has been identified as the two remaining victims of the Shannon Falls tragedy that took place earlier week.

On Tuesday,Squamish RCMP confirmed that three individuals were found deceased in a lower pool at the Falls.

One of the victims was identified on Wednesday as social media and Bionica Passion Strappy Sandal Womens 1S6xvW

Gamble, a 30-year-old Vancouver resident, was part of a group known as High On Life, who had a Melissa Cosmic Slide Sandal AZyDtbh6rJ
of almost half a million subscribers and regularly shared videos of their excursions and escapades around the globe.

With the news hitting so close to home, many of Gamble’s friends and family shared photos of Gamble, and the couple, now identified asMegan Scraper andAlexey Lyakh.

Lykah was also part of High On Life, and travelled the world with Gamble.

The three friends went missing Tuesday afternoon after reportedly falling from a pool on the top of Shannon Falls. The trio, who were with a group at the time, fell into a pool 30 metres below.

Emergency services recruited an expansive task force, including Squamish Search and Rescue (SAR), Lions Bay SAR, BC Ambulance, Squamish Fire, BC Parks, and the Squamish RCMP.

In a statement, Squamish RCMP Cpl. Sascha Banks called the terrain “immensely” dangerous.

In the wake of the accident, a crowdfunding campaign has been created in Gamble’s name.

Meanwhile, condolence messages are filling up Lykah’s Instagram page.

“You were such an inspiration for many,” wrote an Instagram user. “In these moments I realize how precious life is. Rest in peace, you will be missed.”

A post shared by Alexey – Wanderlust (@wanderlust) on

Exactly a month ago, Gamble shared a video on his social media page with words about life and always being “a kid at heart.”

“Because life isn’t about responsibilities, tough decisions and hard work, it’s about feeling bliss and living in the moment… Doing things that stimulate a sense of joy and aliveness,” he wrote. “These are feeing I had almost every day as a kid, because my life was driven by my heart. I’d make decisions and move in directions that made me scream with excitement, adrenaline, and pure happiness.”

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Austin, TX

Join us to dive deep into the makings of a modern media agency built for a new era with leaders from Starcom, BBDO and more

August 6 - 8, 2018
Vail, CO
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“Confusion will continue to reign, and until someone actually gets burned, everyone is trying to fly as close to the sun as possible,” said a publishing executive.

But those who choose to do less now won’t necessarily be better off in the long run, according to some industry executives.

“Just being compliant and talking to users in a legal language won’t take publishers very far and fail to make the best of the potential advantages GDPR is presenting to them,” said Alessandro De Zanche, independent publishing consultant. “Inaction will just play into the hands of the duopoly.”

There are many examples of businesses simply repurposing the existing EU cookie directive policy and running cookie banners at the base of sites, to which users can click “OK” to proceed.

“GDPR consent requires an affirmative action, which leads you to conclude you need an explicit yes button,” Newby said. “No data should be collected until the user says yes. But a lot of publishers have gotten confused and taken a more similar approach to ePrivacy.”

Publishers went on a soul-searching mission when ad blocking reached crisis levels in 2017. A lot of focus returned to ensuring the user experience wasn’t neglected for the sake of hitting short-term revenue targets.

“With Y2K, there was so much freaking out,” said Brian Kane, co-founder and chief operating officer of ad tech vendor Sourcepoint. “But it came and went, and was never talked about it again. It’s the exact opposite with GDPR. It came on May 25, and it was the start of the conversation. We’re in conversations with publishers about how they approach consent, how they tie it with their subscriptions offerings and monetization strategies.”

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by Jessica Davies
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